OurWitness would not have been possible without the generous support of the following donors and supporters:

Agnes Shea from Hong Kong
Alex Hong from Los Angeles
Betty Au from Hong Kong
Bosco Tung from Toronto
Caleb Tse from Seoul, South Korea
Carmen Chow from Hong Kong
Clarence Shen from Los Angeles
Clara Shirota from Tokyo
“Ctysiu” from New Zealand
Daniel Ra from Los Angeles
David Chong from Hong Kong
Derek Ting from Hong Kong
Elsie Lee from Hong Kong
Helena Hwang from Los Angeles
Jeannie Siu
Jennifer Kim
Jiasheng N. Cheng from Toronto
JP Luck from Los Angeles
Karen Qian from Hong Kong
Kevin Cheng
Laura Ip from London
Mary Demuth from Texas
Meng Choo Cheah from Malaysia
Miranda Suen from Hong Kong
Miranda Wang from San Jose
Narisa Suzuki from Los Angeles
Patricia D. Sohn from Los Angeles
Rami Hattoum from Hong Kong
Rock Tsang from Los Angeles
Teresa Wong from Hong Kong
Tina Chen from San Diego
William Ho from Hong Kong
Yip Yat Wing from Hong Kong
And many many others!  Thank you for making this dream possible.


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