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    Where has God led you? Everyday people from around the world shared their answers with us as part of our #WithoutBorders Movement. What did they have to say? Find out here!

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    Contributors from around the world answered the question “Where has God led you?” in Week One of our #WithoutBorders social media movement!

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    We were all meant to live a God adventure. And sometimes on that journey, He leads us to uncharted territory. Where it takes trust to keep on going.

    It’s with that inspiration that we at OurWitness have decided to try out something completely new: #WithoutBorders – an interactive social media movement featuring you – our readers around the world!

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    We all know the famous saying, “there is no such thing as a free lunch.” The idea behind it, for all intents and purposes, is a good one – you have to work for what you get in this life. But over the last year, God has been taking us on a journey of trusting in His provision that has been changing the way I look at everything.

  • Dan M. wrote a new blog post: You Saw Me 5 years, 3 months ago


    Do the events that we don’t remember still affect our lives? Recently, our brother J was freed by God from the hurtful past that he had long forgotten.

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    Our Editor Dan shares a testimony from his trip to Asia where he visits a friend with a collapsed spine. What came next was impossible, beautiful, yet totally God.

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    If there are two things that I have learned that have truly defined my life, it’s that nothing is impossible and no prayer is too small.

  • High School Student Revival in Los Angeles!

    Did you know there is a revival going on in high schools all around Los Angeles and Southern California? Christian clubs are growing from 2 or 3 gathering together, to packed gyms and auditoriums of hundreds crying out to the Lord!

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    Want to read the best stories and testimonies from our blogs around the world?

    You can now follow OurWitness on our new social media pages for a hand-curated selection of our most powerful and inspiring posts!

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    God can move in the big and in the small. Our Editor Dan shares about experiencing God on a normal, unassuming trip to The Home Depot.

  • Healed from Stage 4 Terminal Cancer!


    Our friend Nate from Orange County has one of the most powerful and incredible testimonies we have ever heard.

    At only 25, Nate was diagnosed with Stage 4 Terminal Cancer and was given 6 months to a year left to live. Even with treatment, doctors only gave him a 3% chance of surviving. Only 3 months later, all of the cancer was gone,…

  • chrisandjenny

    Christmas is full of many joys – gifts, family, food, music and festivities.  But it’s also a difficult time for the many who are brokenhearted all around us.  We share this story in the hopes that you will share the love of Christ in you to those who are hurting this Christmas.

    Almost three years ago, I moved to the Eastside of LA.  And just…

  • Dan M. wrote a new blog post: Acorns 6 years, 3 months ago


    I love those God moments when something happens that you can’t explain any other way.  When it literally brings a huge smile across your face that nothing in the world can wipe off.
    Today didn’t start out as the kind of day that I would have expected God to move through me.  I wasn’t filled with joy and excitement or the Holy Spirit driving…

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    Recently was the first time that I saw my grandmother completely helpless. 
    Growing up, I was raised by my grandmother.  My mother was a single mom supporting the household by herself financially, so she was always at work, and my sister was eight years older than me, so she was already away at college when I was young.  As a result, my…

  • Dan M. wrote a new blog post: Every Day Miracles 7 years ago

    Do the words “mundane”, “boring” and “routine” characterize your Christian lifestyle? Be inspired as our Editor Dan shares about the wild things God is doing through him because of his willingness to go out on a limb in faith. 
    I remember one time a well-meaning church elder told me that normal Christian life does not involve a major miracle…

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    I never let anyone father me.
    It sounds weird to say, and it’s even weirder to write.  Especially because I didn’t even know that about myself until recently.
    The weekend before Thanksgiving my wife Rachel and I had a chance to have dinner with the Pastors from an amazing church in Pasadena called Epicentre.  They asked me to share a little about…

  • Do you really believe your prayers can move mountains?  Our Editor Dan shares a testimony of God’s incredible provision and favor when he prayed for his boss at work.
    I really have the best boss in the world.  When God blessed me with this perfect job out of nowhere about a year and a half ago (a story in its own right), not only did He rescue me…

  • Dan M. wrote a new blog post: Sweet Child of Mine 8 years ago

    Do you ever miss home?  Our Editor Dan shares a touching story about the tenderness of the Father’s Heart for those who are living far away from family and friends.
    Last Friday my wife Rachel was feeling especially homesick.  Being from Malaysia and coming to a whole new world and life out here in LA, she sometimes needs a little taste of home to…

  • In the spirit of Valentine’s, at WitnessLA.org we’re featuring the stories and testimonies on what God has shown Christians about singleness, relationships, and love all the days leading up to Feb. 14th.  Today, our Editor Dan shares how God is faithful in keeping His promise to make marriage a blessed union.
    Marriage isn’t easy.  It’s no wonder…

  • Sometimes, the big huge game-changing miracle comes in a tiny little gift of love. Our Editor Dan shares his story.
    It’s amazing all the little ways God shows how He loves us and how He is there with us.  A few weeks ago, the WitnessLA team had its first ever “Dinner Social” for all the different Editors, Voices, team members, volunteers and…

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