• BreakBuild_Final-cover

    Our friend, Jonathan, shares with us how he and others were challenged to use the gifts God has given for His Kingdom purpose. He shares with us the inspiration behind the music and their hope for it to be used to build up the community around them.

    We hear music everywhere we go.  Whether we’re plugged into our phones and media players,…

  • unnamed

    “We don’t know what his futre holds, but we know who holds it.”

  • ducklings

    When we take on leadership roles for a long period of time, it is easy to become prideful and forget what it means to be continually teachable and willing to change the ways we’ve gotten used to doing things. Our voice Sandy shares about the insight God has been teaching her on how it is important for great leaders to also be a great…

  • Freedom

    Even after getting saved, Vanessa bought into the lie that she needed to earn God’s love and acceptance. Inner healing taught her to let the darkness out into the light.

  • Confirming the Call

    What kinds of desire has God placed upon your heart? What might be some of the obstacles that you are facing that is testing your faith, patience, and perhaps even pride? Our editor Michelle shares about how God has been sustaining her in the journey of God leading her back to serve and witness in Asia.


    “Woe to him who strives with him who…

  • Tim wrote a new blog post: What is Success? 5 years, 9 months ago

    Screen Shot 2014-06-08 at 9.40.55 AM

    The world tells us the measures of success are in our jobs, relationships and money, but what does the Bible say? Joey shares how she came to realize that nothing here can compare to knowing God.

    Thank you to our friends at Richmond Hill Christian Community Church for sharing this video with us. You can find other videos from RHCCC on their 

  • Tycus' Featured Pic

    From someone who was once nicknamed “Satan’s Father” to the God-loving man he is today, Tycus shares his long journey to accepting Christ.
    從一個曾經綽號稱為“撒旦之父”,變為今天愛主的人,Tycus 分享他接受基督的漫長旅程。

  • Daniela wrote a new blog post: God at Work 6 years ago


    Shortly after Chris and Kitty got engaged in 2010, Kitty was diagnosed with Endometriosis. After getting married, in much prayer and consideration they pursued IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization) – a process that is extremely expensive, painful, and time-consuming.
    A miscarriage caused Kitty to feel angry, pushing Chris and God away.

    But God did what…

  • Toronto wrote a new blog post: Homeless Connect 6 years ago

    Homeless Connect

    Melody, a sister in Christ whom initially envisioned herself working with children in the mission field shares about how God led and compelled her to get involved with the lost and hurting in the city of Toronto. She has now become the Project Coordinator of Homeless Connect which serves the purpose of connecting individuals that are at-risk and…

  • Rachel T. wrote a new blog post: A Double Portion 6 years ago


    Have you ever felt pain that you thought you would never recover from? My sister Denise shares how God not only helped her with the loss of her son but also blessed her in double portion.

    My name is Denise. My husband Joe and I have a lovely daughter named Becca.  Although we already had Becca, we always knew that we wanted to add another child…

  • Toronto wrote a new blog post: Poverty in my hood? 6 years ago


    When you drive or walk down your street what do you see? Well kept lawns? Clean streets? Big houses? These may be common sights for those living in the suburbs. But what about the people? One of our voices, Sandy, shares with us how God recently opened her eyes to see her community in York Region in a different light and her journey in learning…

  • beg

    God is THE master planner.  The Maestro of maestro’s.  Architect of the universe.  To see and experience even a few pieces of His gargantuan puzzle come together is… beyond amazing.

    That’s the impression left on the members of the WitnessSeoul team, the latest to join the Witness 2.0 Network.  The way all four managing editors were brought…

  • Our brother Sam shares how his pursuit of love and perfectionism often led to cycles of heartache and feelings of inadequacy. God brought him to the foot of the cross where he found boundless love and acceptance despite his imperfections.

    I want to share with you what God has done in my life and my journey up to this point in learning to…

  • 300 id

    Our sister Isabel shares that she previously served others thinking her good works would earn others’ approval. God revealed to her that by placing her faith in Christ, she is made holy and is more than good in his eyes.

    Even before my reconciliation with God, He has graciously granted me a servant heart. It was with this gift that He led me to…

  • witness_to wrote a new blog post: By Faith 6 years, 8 months ago

    Have you tried making plans for your life but then found God rearranging it all? How did you respond? Have you been able to learn to delight in God’s plans for you? Our voice Chris shares the struggles and questions he has had and his eventual acceptance of it.

    It seems as if with every additional year that I intentionally try to follow God more…

  • Many think that you have to be perfect and that you have to deal with your demons before coming to know Jesus. Or how about the idea that everyone that goes to church have it all together? They are all suppose to be “perfect”. Our friend, Joshua a.k.a. “Scribe”, shares with us that this is not true. It is a journey marked with loss, struggles, and…

  • 7448242912_316380da83

    Have you ever felt alone? We all have our own “battleground”. It could be from bad relationships, sore betrayals, or even just things are not going great for us. Come and read how God had spoke to Alysha. God understands how we suffered because He suffered with us.


    The other day as I was reading my massive textbook on Revelation- I say…

  • 4290784735_cd72075a4e

    Have you ever wondered who God has choosen for you in your life? Our sister, Janice, shares about how God has led and guided her to her boyfriend, Bosco. 

    Yes, I’m in a relationship. And this is a really hard topic to write about. Partly because it has only been the fifth official day as I write this since Bosco and I actually got together partly…

  • balloonboy edit

    How does a person properly celebrate their re-birth day? That is, the day that God saved them and brought them to new life in Him? WitnessTO editor Darren reflects on how God has led him since coming to know Christ and his hopes for the future.

    “Christianity,” I would’ve thought during my high school days, “is for dopes who have nothing better to…

  • tumblr_me2ethawjM1r1qwul

    We have all felt ignored and stung by indifference at some point. One of our readers shares how it cuts the deepest when it happens with someone near and dear to your heart. 

    Have you ever been ignored by someone that you care deeply about? I don’t know about you, but to me being ignored feels like just about the worst pain…

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