• Kytia L'amour wrote a new blog post: How I Invited God Into My Love Life 6 years, 5 months ago

    Can you imagine being a 17 year old girl and deciding that dating was “not for you”? Kytia shares her journey of waiting for the right one while God healed her brokenness.

    I’ve talked to many people about the span of five years in my life that I chose not to date, but I thought it would be a good idea to expound upon that subject. I had a few boyfriends before I made this decision. I later realized that I chose to date those guys mostly because they pursued me, and my friends thought that I “should” date them because we were cute together or because I needed a boyfriend.


    As I explain in this video, my walk with God spawned this decision. Coming from a broken home with my parents being divorced, I had a lot of mending to do in my heart and the best thing for me to do was to take a “time out” when I noticed myself crushing on the wrong guys. My husband is the only person I had a mutual like and attraction to after I went through some major emotional healing, and I’m so glad I waited on him instead of doing what other people told me to.

    People thought I was a little young to be marriage-minded, but fortunately there were some that admired my ability to have self control and think about more than the present moment. Yes, my hormones were raging, and there were times I was really lonely, so the fact that I felt God calling me to be single didn’t make things perfectly easy. I hope to encourage you in your journey of being single or dating in a healthy way. Let me know what you think, and share your stories if you did or are doing something similar. I’d love to answer any questions you might have!

    In Love,

    -Kytia L’amour

    This testimony was originally published on L’amour In Christ.

    • Amen. Victory belongs to Jesus.
      Testimony Tree is based on a true story of an answered prayer and fulfillment of a vow made to God.

      Shalif Lule made a vow to God that if he heals his parents then he would create a platform that could uplift people’s faith through sharing of testimonies and the good works of the Lord.

      My dad was suffering from a brain tumor and at the same time mummy had a disease of a Goiter.

      Dad had an Operation at Mulago Hospital in June 2015 and because of the Lords Grace the Operation was successful but while still in Intensive Care I prayed to God to Heal him and I promised to myself to create a platform that could be used in giving testimonies online because In the hospital time wasn’t enough to go to church for testifying.

      And in the same year 2015 November Mummy also had an Operation at Kisubi Hospital along Entebbe Road. But I am so thank full to the Lord that the operations were both successful and they were all at a free cost, praise be to the Lord.

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