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    The online Witness movement began in January of 2010 when three friends in Los Angeles had the idea to start a Christian testimony blog. By the grace of God, the Witness 2.0 Network has expanded to four other cities: Hong Kong, Toronto, San Francisco and most recently to Seoul in just three and a half years!

    As our network and readership have…

  • Take a Coffee Break

    Josh never knew that sitting next to a stranger at a coffee shop could lead to an amazing God-driven surprise.

    “Can I sit here?  Is this seat taken?”

    “Sure,” I said. “Help yourself.”

    One of the jarring things you quickly learn in Hong Kong is that when you sit in a coffee shop or restaurant, your…

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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from WitnessHK!

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    What are you thankful for this year?


    Thanksgiving is just around corner! While it’s not the only day in the year that we feel thankful for many things, it is nice to have an occasion that gives us time to reflect and brings that extra dose of thankfulness out of us! We would love to hear what you…

  • Leaves (west-park)

    Having been through the uncontrollable ups and downs of life, looking back reveals God’s hands at work in our lives. Our reader shares how God uses people and events to lead her to the beginning of a new…

  • Matches

    Andrew didn’t feel too connected to God, even after he accepted Christ until one day when quitting his “best friend” – cigarettes – turned his world upside down and God answered his cry with His grace and mercy. 
    雖然Andrew接受了耶穌為救主, 但他一直覺得跟神沒有很親密的關係。直到有一天他戒掉他 ”最好的朋友“ - 香煙- 他的世界一百八十度扭轉,而神就用恩典和憐憫回應了他的呼求。


    I was born in Hong Kong, and I had…

  • Marbles

    Christine Ma-Lau felt a stirring to turn to a career in education but she wanted to teach the next generation on good character as well as intelligence. So she looked to the best educator and leader – Jesus Christ – on how to start her learning center, JEMS.  
    Christine Ma-Lau心頭上有意去開展她的教育事業,但是她想教育下一代不只要具有好的智力,還要有好的品德。所以她以最好的教育家和領導者 – 基督耶穌 -…

  • Thread Wheels

    What religion taught Sam about fashion, what God taught her about style.

    “Fashions fade, style is eternal.” -Yves Saint Laurent 

    Coming from a typical Asian church in the suburbs of Toronto, the concept of being a Christian was, in my high school years, a ‘pass/fail’ ticket to heaven. ‘Living for God’ entailed…

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    WE DID IT!!!! By the grace of God and with your support, we have raised a total of US$8,615 from 83 generous donors around the world for OurWitness!

    We just want to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has supported us throughout the campaign this past month, be it through donation, emailing…

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    We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported our 30-day Indiegogo campaign thus far!  Many have come up to us and expressed their excitement about the new OurWitness platform. This is a great motivation for the team to work even harder in bringing this vision to life!

  • DSC_7810 (copy) - bird and nest

    If you are where you belong, if you are where God puts you, He will look after you and He will provide.” Queenie shares how God reassured her of His plan for her career through the wise birds in the safari. 

    Recently, I went on a safari trip in Africa.  I…

  • Bluebox

    Charlene gave up her finance career and founded The Mustard Seed Workshop, a grassroots for-profit business that empowers members of communities in need to earn a sustainable livelihood. In the interview below, Charlene shares the challenges and surprises God took her on to start her own social enterprise.
    Charlene放棄她於金融的事業,並成立了芥菜籽工作坊 -…

  • dividedxwexstand

    Natalie shares how God turned what would otherwise be a worrisome and frantic job search into a fruitful rest and an unexpected opportunity!

    God has been amazing. I left my last job at the end of March and have been enjoying His word, hosting visitors in town, and putting my time out there…

  • featured

    God is omnipresent but feeling His presence in our workplace seems to be harder than anywhere else. Are God and our careers mutually exclusive parts of our lives?

    Through this new series titled “God @ Work”, we will explore how God does His work while we do ours. In the coming weeks, we will bring to you stories about waiting for that perfect…

  • Empty Mailbox

    Are you trying to live up to what the world wants you to be? Last year, Serene slowly gave up her idols and went on a journey of incredible highs and incredible lows… resulting in the most intimate relationship with God yet.

    I’m not one who think too much of new…

  • audience

    WITNESSHK STORY TIME RECAP – Real people. Real Stories. Our City. On stage.
    WITNESSHK STORY TIME 回顧 – 真人。真故事。我們的都市。搬上了舞台。!–more–

    The first WitnessHK Story Time was a grand success and we have all of you to thank for it. Over 70 guests sat in for an afternoon of storytelling from people of all walks of life. From a 17 year old discovering…

  • Screen Shot 2013-04-06 at 3.35.32 PM

    What do those awkward side hugs or late night text messaging mean? Check out Jason Chu’s music video on how/when/why to DTR!
    那些尷尬的側面單手擁抱和那些午夜短訊對話到底是什麼意思呢?Jason Chu的MV告訴你如何、何時以及為何要DTR (界定關係)!


    Have you ever had a DTR?

    Our good friend and WitnessLA contributor Jason Chu just released this hilarious and fun music video take on the ups and…

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    WitnessHK proudly presents Story Time!

    JOIN US for an afternoon of storytelling from people of all walks of life. We will be sharing powerful stories about hope, family, love, living out passions and finding community. Most importantly, it will be an afternoon of celebrating life and what we are most thankful for.

    Date: April 27, 2013…

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    Mark your calendar and stay tuned for more info!  記下這個日子,詳情稍後公佈,切勿錯過!
    Storytime Flyer-final

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/mennovdhorst/2193740664/in/faves-90362975@N03/

    Have you ever heard a whisper from God asking you to speak a word of encouragement to a stranger?  Serene has and this is her story.  你有曾聽過神的細語叫你對陌生人說出鼓勵的話嗎? Serene 有而這就是她的故事。!–more–

    With tears streaming down my face, I waved goodbye to my BFF and her husband. I’ve spent about 2 and a half months with them in LA and time flew by. We’ve had a…

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